May I continue to use my own physician?

Yes. You may continue to see your own physician as a resident in our community. The staff at West Falls Center and the Johnson Center is available to assist residents with transportation to their doctor's office as needed. Some physicians will travel to the community to see their patients, and space is provided for that purpose.

Is military service a requirement to qualify for residency at West Falls Center or The Johnson Center?

No. Our private pay assisted living apartments at West Falls Center and The Johnson Center are open to all members of the community, regardless of military affiliation.

Do you provide short-term stays (Respite)?

Yes! Short-term stays are an option for seniors who need temporary help after an illness, hospitalization or injury. Our short-term stay (respite) program also supports seniors whose caregivers are away or need a short break from caregiving.

Can I have guests over?

You bet! Visitors are welcome 24-7 and there is no need to call ahead. This is your home, and your guests are always free to drop by and see you.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes! At West Falls Center you can bring your own furniture. This is your home and you should be surrounded by the furnishings and comfort to which you are accustomed. We also offer a limited number of furnished suites at The Johnson Center for respite stays.

At The Johnson Center, the suites are fully furnished, awaiting the personal touches that say, "This is my home." If you would also like to bring your own furniture you may do so.

Are pets allowed?

Absolutely! At West Falls Center and The Johnson Center we understand how important your pets are. We welcome well-mannered small to medium sized dogs and cats.

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